Ilbert de Lacy (2) – the eldest son of Robert

Ilbert de Lacy (2) –eldest son of Robert de Lacy (1)

Ilbert de Lacy lived in exile in Normandy until after the death of Henry I. After the death of William Maltravers (who was holding the de Lacy’s English lands) they were returned to Ilbert by King Stephen whom he supported during the time when rebel barons were campaigning for Matilda, the daughter of Henry 1 to take the throne. King Stephen granted a pardon to Ilbert de Lacy and his men for ‘all that they had done amiss’ between the death of Henry 1 and his (Stephen’s) coronation. This was a reference to the events surrounding the death of Maltravers who is said (by Richard of Hexham) to have been killed by a knight of the honour so that Ilbert could return.

Ilbert de Lacy fought against the Scots at the battle of Northallerton (more commonly known as the battle of the Standard). His anger against the Scots would have been compounded by their looting of the de Lacy lands at Clitheroe following a battle there in 1138. His brother Robert was killed – and was said to be the only Norman knight to lose his life in the battle. (In some accounts this brother is named as Walter, but this seems to be an error as there is more than one occasion when Ilbert de Lacy signed charters with a younger brother by the name of Robert. One occasion was the charter confirming the grant of St Mary Magdalen in Barnstaple to St Peter of Cluny. Another occasion was in Normandy during the reign of Henry I when Ilbert and his brother Robert were accepted at court on one of Henry’s last visits to Normandy. The brothers witnessed a royal charter at Perrieres, in what is now Calvados, not far from the Norman estates of the de Lacy family.)

Ilbert de Lacy also fought for King Stephen at the battle of Lincoln on 2nd February 1141. He was captured and there is no further record of him. His wife, Alice de Gaunt, was remarried to Roger de Mowbray before 20th June 1143. She must have been a widow because she granted Ingoldmells in Lincolnshire (which she held as her dower lands) to the priory at Pontefract for prayers for the soul of her late husband. Ilbert and Alice had no heirs and the de Lacy estates passed to Ilbert’s brother Henry.

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