Welcome to my new blogsite!

Welcome to my new blog, especially those of you who have arrived here from my old ‘occasional blog’ on my website at http://www.elizabethashworth.com

I’m going to try to update this one more often and I’m hoping that it will be more ‘user friendly’ for all of us.

You will be able to leave comments (be nice!) and interact with one another here as well as seeing my pictures, hearing my latest news and maybe some other stuff about writing and history as well. We’ll see how it goes.

Never a person to do things by halves I have in fact set up two blogs. The other one is called The Lancashire Sundial Trail and can be found at http://lancashiresundials.wordpress.com/ For a while now I’ve been photographing and writing about the many sundials I’ve discovered around the county of Lancashire with the idea of producing a book, but my non-fiction publishers thought it was too specialist a subject to be commercially viable. Having done nothing much with them for a while now, apart from a short feature in Lancashire Magazine, I’ve decided to share them via this blog. I’ll be adding more when time allows, and the mood takes me, and you may even find that a few creep in from some other counties as well.

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