All the better to see you with!

So now I have the new glasses and the screen is in focus through the right eye as well as the left. Is this giving me a more balanced view? Maybe. It’s probably too soon to tell.

I was actually surprised at how quickly the glasses were ready because if there’s one thing that I’ve had to learn as a writer it’s patience. When I sent the first three chapters of The de Lacy Inheritance off to Myrmidon Books it was around four months before that unbelievable phone call came asking to see the complete manuscript. I then waited another six months before sending a tentative email asking if they’d made a decision and receiving one back to say they wanted to meet with me to discuss publication. It seemed as if it would be easy from then on. But the recession took hold, money was tight and the book was postponed. However the good news is that it seems publication will go ahead this summer (June 2010). And I’ve got flashy new specs for the book signings.

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