Out of time

I was in south Yorkshire yesterday taking photographs of graves for my upcoming non-fiction book from Countryside Books – Yorkshire: Who Lies Beneath?

I was around the Rotherham and Doncaster areas and photographed the grave of Lord Nelson’s chaplain, the first black professional footballer, the grave of four children crushed to death in a lorry accident and a teenager who died saving a child from drowning in the river Don. They are all fascinating stories of heroism, history and tragedy.

Towards the end of the afternoon I found myself in Conisbrough and glimpsed the magnificent castle on the hill. So I had to take a look. The castle belonged to the de Warenne family and John de Warenne is one of the characters in my (fictional) work in progress. Sadly, it was too late to go inside, but I will definitely be going back for a closer look.

4 thoughts on “Out of time

  1. Lol, well pretty does sell. And I liked it since so many covers these days have the heads cut off. Also liked the dress 🙂

    I do have a thing for old Norman castles, so that will be fun

  2. Yes, the girl on the cover of The de Lacy Inheritance is very pretty, isn’t she? I’m sure she’s helping sales!

    Conisbrough is a beautiful ruin, and the keep is well preserved from what I could see. I’m hoping to go back later this week for a better look so there could be more photos later.

  3. Hi, I saw your book on a bookblog I know and had to come over and have a look. The cover was just so pretty 🙂

    And I do love castles, even if it’s just a ruin now

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