The Cotton Spinner book launch

The Cotton Spinner is the first book in my new saga series, The Mill Town Lasses. It will be published on Thursday 16th April 2020. I’d been hoping to set up lots of events to share the story with readers. But none of us ever knows what the future may hold and publication day finds most of us locked down in our homes and social distancing from our family, friends and neighbours. It’s very hard. But I still want to share this story with as many of you as possible. It’s a story about facing adversity and finding ways to overcome it, and I hope it may provide some hope as well as a refuge from present day worries.

The Cotton Spinner tells the story of Jennet and Titus Eastwood. They were home workers in a time when most people worked at home. The big change for them was the move from working at home to working in the mills. The opposite of what has happened to many people in the last few weeks. Adapting to change is very hard, as we’re currently experiencing, and Jennet and Titus face many challenges.

I had prepared a series of images to go along with the talk I was hoping to give about the history of Blackburn and the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, which changed the lives of so many people. I’ve adapted them into a short slideshow which I’m sharing online. I hope it works! And I hope you’ll find it interesting.


The Cotton Spinner Presentation.






3 thoughts on “The Cotton Spinner book launch

  1. Good video. My ancestor is listed as first a farmer
    at the time of his marriage 1809 but then a weaver
    when he emigrated from Horton- in-Ribblesdale 1818.
    I believe the hard-working conditions under both
    occupations caused him and family to emigrate to

  2. Hi, Elizabeth. Unfortunately when you click on the link it says it’s a private video.

    1. Hi Pam. Many thanks for pointing that out! I’d set it to private to check it worked and forgotten to make it public. It should work now. You’ve saved the day!

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