By Loyalty Bound

By Loyalty Bound – the story of the mistress of King Richard III

BLB hardback coverWhen 17 year old, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, defies his elder brother, Edward IV, and rides to Hornby Castle to help the Harringtons defend their birth-right against Sir Thomas Stanley he engenders a chain of events that will have repercussions for years to come.  His fight for justice for the Harringtons and his love for Anne Harrington causes a rift that will never be healed, and Richard’s defiance of Thomas Stanley leads to him being betrayed when he most needs support.

By Loyalty Bound was published by Pen and Sword Fiction on 3rd July 2013. You can purchase it from their website via this link:

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Here are some of the books I used in my research:

By Loyalty Bound reference books


  • Richard III: Paul Murray Kendall: WW Norton & Company: 2002
  • The History of the Life and Reign of Richard the Third: James Gairdner: Cambridge University Press: 1898
  • Richard III: Michael Hicks: Tempus: 2003
  • Good King Richard?: Jeremy Potter: Constable 1983
  • Richard III, England’s Black Legend: Desmond Seward: Country Life Books: 1983
  • The Life and Times of Richard III: Anthony Cheetham: Weidenfeld and Nicolson: 1972
  • Richard III, a royal enigma: Sean Cunningham: The National Archives: 2003
  • Richard III – the Road to Bosworth Field: P.W.Hammond & Anne F. Sutton: Constable: 1985
  • Richard III and the Princes in the Tower: A.J. Pollard: Sutton Publishing: 1991
  • Richard III and the Murder in the Tower: Peter A. Hancock: The History Press: 2009
  • The Religious Life of Richard III: Jonathan Hughes: Sutton Publishing: 1997
  • The Trial of Richard III: Richard Drewett and Mark Redhead: Sutton Publishing: 1984
  • The Last Days of Richard III: John Ashdown-Hill: The History Press: 2010
  • Secret History – The Truth about Richard III & the Princes: John Dening and R.E. Collins: The Lavenham Press: 1996
  • Royal Blood: Bertram Fields: HarperCollins: 1998
  • The Military Campaigns of the Wars of the Roses: Philip A. Haigh: Bramley Books: 1995

Here are some blogposts about the background history of the story:

A Brief History of Hornby Castle

Melling and Melling

The Capture of King Henry VI

The Battle of Wakefield 1460

Richard III, his mistress, and his illegitimate children

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