Reading Group Questions

Reading Group questions for The de Lacy Inheritance.

1. Why do you think lepers were excluded from society in medieval times?
2. How do you think people with leprosy are treated today?
3. In medieval times people viewed illness as a punishment from God. Why do you think that was? And do you think that anyone still believes that it is true today?
4. Why did Richard think his relationship with Leila was a sin?
5. Do you think that Johanna’s behaviour was usual for a young woman of her times?
6. In medieval times arranged marriages were commonplace. In some cultures today arranged marriages are still common. Do you think that an arranged marriage is always a bad thing?
7. The laws of inheritance have been changed many times over the years. Do you think that a claim by a male heir should take precedence over a claim by a female heir? And do you think the Dean of Wallei had a valid claim?
8. Why do you think the villagers gave food to Richard?
9. Why did Richard believe he could be cured by washing in the water from the well?
10.What do you think happened to Richard at the end of the story?

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