‘My doctorate, with its focus on medieval literature, killed my pleasure in reading medieval historical novels. I’d either be grousing at the author’s sloppiness in recreating the period or wondering why I was wasting my time with a modern book when medieval literature itself is so rich (especially saga literature!). Or I’d avoid the genre because it just seemed too much like work. But The de Lacy Inheritance has brought me back to reading good historical fiction set in the Middle Ages.Her characters are also believable and compelling. Johanna does not seem anachronistic in her desire to escape an unappealing forced marriage. I’m currently teaching a class on medieval female authors, and Johanna’s voice would fit right in! ‘ Leah Larson

‘I knew very little about this era of history, but the book brought it very much alive. It was interesting to learn about attitudes to disease, too, as well as meeting a cast of fascinating characters, based on real historical figures but re-imagined vividly by the author and placed in a very convincing Lancashire of the period.’ Rosy Thornton (author of More Than Love Letters, Hearts and Minds, Crossed Wires and The Tapestry of Love).

‘As a fan of historical fiction, I thorougly enjoyed Elizabeth Ashworth’s novel, “The De Lacy Inheritance.” It was well-written, fast-paced, and the author delicately made the history of the De Lacy family come to life through her characters. It was a gripping look at the life of a man struck with lepropsy, and how it impacts his family, home, and position in life. I especially enjoyed the character of Johanna – a fiesty heroine who knows what she wants, and goes after it.’ Annalynn Cox.

‘It’s a well researched, engrossing read with convincing characters and a satisying ending. I was impressed with the way that the author, skilfully blending fiction and fact, constructed the story from a very small piece of local history.’ Elizabeth Alger.

‘Being short myself, I’ve always subscribed to the “good things come in small packages” mentality, and now I can apply that to the new novel by Elizabeth Ashworth, The de Lacy Inheritance. At 280 pages this short book packs a powerful and emotional punch that I wasn’t quite expecting!’ Amy Bruno (Passages to the Past blog)

Well researched, gripping, and packed with plenty of romance and adventure. –Jenny Itzcovitz, Sixty Plus Surfers

An appealing tale… The subject of lepers… is fascinating. Richard FitzEustace is a complex hero… Johanna is a sparky heroine with whom readers will engage. –Susan Hicks, Historical Novels Review

From the very first page the reader’s attention is demanded, as we are drawn into what promises to be a gripping historical story of lost love, new love, family betrayal and compassion. –Catherine Craw, Lancashire Life

Elizabeth Ashworth’s familiarity with the locations and the period, which is worn lightly, but can only be the result of extensive research, makes her so much at home in these places with these people, that the reader feels in safe hands. This is a delightful first novel; I very much look forward to the next.

From Amazon:

‘This is a great story, well told, with pace and drama as well as painstaking attention to historical detail. Highly recommended.’

‘This was a book I just couldn’t put down until I’d reached the end – it’s on my list of books to buy for Christmas presents this year.’

‘At 280 pages this short book packs a powerful and emotional punch that I wasn’t quite expecting!’

‘This is such a precious story that it will touch your soul.’

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